So far so good!


Congratulations on being invited to go to the next step in the application process. 

We've said it before but we're going to say it again. If you're the type of rider who only has fun when you're going balls out and pushing your limits, you'll probably be bored and frustrated with our moderate pace and our frequent stops to take in the scenery and make sure everyone's doing ok. If you're a very competitive rider or you lose patience when others go slower than you want to go, you may not want to go any further with this application. On the other hand, if riding off the beaten path through breathtaking scenery sounds relaxing and therapeutic to you, then by all means keep going. We think you'll be glad you did.


Click below to complete the Secondary Application for a First Responders ride.

*** To complete Secondary Application for a Veterans Relief Ride, click here instead. Please apply for only one type of ride - Veterans or First Responders. If you are both a veteran and a first responder, please choose your preference: A Veterans ride with all military veterans, or a First Responders ride with all first responders (who may or may not be military veterans).